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Sitting on garbage

The Mama Earth Foundation is massively replanting mangroves in the Philippines. Almost 2 million have already been planted, and more are being planted every day. Mangroves not only secure a better income for the local population, but also store a lot of CO2.

Due to the ongoing pollution of the oceans, more and more plastic waste is getting caught in the root system of the mangroves, which is collected by the planters for a little extra money. The plastic waste must be collected as quickly as possible because otherwise it will be ground up into microplastics and enter the food chain. But collection does not solve the plastic problem. The inevitable question remains, “Where to put the collected plastic?” Fishing it out of the sea and then dumping it on land cannot be a solution.

In cooperation with the recycling company in Davao, Mama Earth has developed sturdy and durable chairs for schools that are made from approximately 30 kilograms of marine waste. An ideal solution for the tropical climate, which quickly affects chairs made of cheap wood.

Please support this action. A chair costs 38 euros and is numbered. The donor does not get the chair, but proof of which school his chair is in and also the complete address with contact person, in case he wants to contact the school later on.